Frequently Asked Questions

How does ClickFX get me a better deal?

By aggregating all our clients’ monthly FX volumes we are able to leverage better rates and bank fees, to your benefit. The trend overseas is to use an independent broker/aggregator like ClickFX to send or receive FX.

Is there a minimum/maximum trade size?

We cannot do trades of less than R25 000 but there is no maximum trade size – within reason.

Is ClickFX regulated?

ClickFx is a registered Representative of ForexPeople SA (FSP 35526) and is therefore licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Board and authorised by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) and the Financial Intelligence Centre. ForexPeople has been in business since 2003 and is one of the largest independent FX brokers in SA.

I am travelling overseas – can I buy travel FX from ClickFX?

Unfortunately we cannot arrange cash or travellers’ cheques for you. However, if you have an offshore account with a credit/debit/ATM card, we can send your travel allowance to that account. This is by far the most cost-effective way to buy FX for travel purposes.

I’ve heard that I can trade currencies like stocks and shares to make a profit. Can ClickFX help me with this?

No, we do not do this type of FX and would caution people against trying to make money by speculating in currencies as it is extremely risky and likely to end in tears.

Why do I need to register and provide FICA/KYC?

We are registered and regulated by the Financial Intelligence Centre and take money laundering very seriously. This means that we need to gather some standard information before we can establish a trading relationship with you. We also need to understand the purpose of the transfer/receipt. Like all FX trades done through a bank, our trades are also reported to the SARB on a daily basis.

ClickFX is not a bank, so how can they trade in forex?

Under certain conditions and guidelines as laid down by the SARB, we are authorised to provide intermediary and advisory services to people and companies doing FX transactions. However, we still need to do the actual trade through an SA bank.

What if something happens to ClickFX after I've transferred my funds?

At no time do we have access to or control over your funds. They will be held by the bank in an account in your name until they are converted and sent to the destination/beneficiary you have given us. The FX trade is actually between you and the bank, although we negotiate the rate for you and take care of the administration involved.

Does it take any longer for my FX to reach the destination/beneficiary if I go through ClickFX?

No, your funds will reach their destination in the same amount of time, if not quicker, than when you use a commercial bank.

Are there any hidden costs?

The only fee you will pay is the bank’s fixed flat transaction fee of R250 (including VAT), so you always know exactly what a trade is costing you.

Once I'm registered, how long does it take to book a trade?

Once you've logged in, your deal will be booked within 30 seconds.. Quicker than waiting for your Bank’s Call Centre to answer your call, navigating their voicemail system and finally explaining what you want to do.

When do I find out what rate ClickFX has got for my trade?

You have the option of accepting or rejecting the rate we get for you. If you accept, then it’s fixed at that point and you are obliged to send the settlement funds the same day. The rate we offer you is only valid for 20 seconds, so if you do not accept, you will need to ask for a fresh rate.

Can I test the sort of rates ClickFX can get for me to see if it’s worth signing up?

For sure, just go to and click the speech icon in the bottom right corner to chat to us live and we will get you a rate within seconds to compare.

After I’ve registered and submitted my forms, how quickly can I start booking FX trades?

We should be able to book your trade within 24 hours of receiving your account-opening documents, but we will notify you by email and by SMS the minute we have everything up and running.

I am not very computer savvy – can I call someone rather than booking my trade online?

Yes, absolutely. Once registered, you can call us to discuss what the rates are doing and to book your trade over the phone. You can even chat with us over a secure connection via the chat facility on our site – just click the icon on the bottom right of the page.

Can I email my requirements to ClickFX?

Yes, you can email your requirements through to us, although we will probably call you back just to verify that you are who you say you are.

Can I view my past trades online?

Yes, you can log in and view all your previous FX trades, as well as any associated documents (invoices, shipping docs, tax certificates, balance of payment (BOP) forms, confirmation notes, etc). You can even export all your trades into Excel.

Can I do forward cover through ClickFX?

Send us an email on so we can get in touch to discuss what you need to do and we will let you know what we can and can't do.

I know that as an SA resident, I have certain allowances to convert Rand to forex and send it offshore. What are these allowances and how do they work?

There are basically two allowances: Discretionary (DA) and Foreign Investment (FIA). The DA is for R1-m per SA resident over 18 which runs over a calendar year. You do not need a tax clearance certificate for this, but we will need your tax number. The FIA is for any amount up to R10-m and requires a tax clearance certificate specifically for foreign investment purposes. A Certificate of Good Standing is not acceptable. We can apply for and obtain this certificate from SARS on your behalf. This is then valid for 12 months from date of issue so you can use all or part of the amount approved at any time over the validity period. Please get in touch on if you need to find out more about this.

If I want to use my offshore allowance but have nowhere to send the forex, what are my options?

We can open a forex account here in SA into which we can deposit your funds after converting from Rand. It won’t earn any interest, but at least it’s in hard currency and you can send it on to an offshore account or investment later when you have made appropriate arrangements.

How does ClickFX make their money if they're not charging me a commission?

We have an approved revenue sharing arrangement with the partner bank handling the trade of between 0.1 and 0.35%, so you pay us nothing for our services. This is regulated by the SARB and FSB and is disclosed in our Mandate.

After I've registered and booked a forex trade, how does it work?

You will receive a confirmation SMS and an email within minutes of booking your trade. This will specify the amount you need to transfer (on the same day of the trade) over to your new FX settlement account. You will also be contacted by one of our team members to get the destination account details and if it’s an import payment, copies of the invoices and shipping documents, where applicable. Our system will complete the BOP/instruction form and email it to you for approval. After the transfer has been done, we will send you a copy of your SWIFT confirmation.

Can I buy forex through ClickFX?

Yes you can buy forex through ClickFX. We may require supporting documents, depending on the nature of the trade, but we will advise you on this before you book your deal. If you are not sure, you can start a quick live chat with us on our website by clicking the icon on the bottom right of the screen.

Who would typically use ClickFX?

We are essentially here to service smaller companies and individuals, which means just about anyone who trades FX, whether buying or selling, on a once-off, every now and again, or regular basis. This includes importers and exporters, royalty/license fee payments, individuals wanting to use their investment/discretionary allowances, expats sending money home to SA, retirees and non-residents bringing living expenses into SA, non-residents buying property in SA, (or sending money back out of SA after selling property in SA), introducing foreign loan or trust funds into SA, etc.

Can I fund my offshore investments or utilise my annual allowances through ClickFX?

Yes, under your discretionary and/or foreign investment allowance, we can transfer funds to your offshore bank account or investment. We can even assist in obtaining your tax clearance certificate.